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Bearded Dragon Mutations


Several different mutations have been discovered by different breeders that alter the physical appearance of dragons. Some examples of these mutations are as follows:

Hypo-Recessive Trait: Decreased or absence of dark melanin in skin.

Translucent-Recessive Trait: Decreased or absence of white pigment in skin.

Recessive Leatherbacks: Reduction in tubercles.

Italian Leatherback-Incomplete dominant trait: Reduction in tubercles and scales. It is the visual heterozygous form of the mutation. The homozygous form is a completely scaleless dragon.

Silkback: Homozygous form of the Italian leatherback, most times completely scaleless, some animals may develop individual scattered scales as adults.

Witblits-Recessive trait: Absence of pattern, colour range from white to brown/beige.

Dunners-Dominant trait: This trait modifies the scalation and pattern of a dragon.

Zero -  Recessive trait: The mutation affects the colour of the skin and the eyes of the dragon. This is the newest mutation to the industry

Purple Paradox - Develops Purple patching or turns animal purple after sheds. It does not start like this, develops as the animal ages. It is a very interesting mutation in which not much is known of its heritability.

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