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Dunner Bearded Dragons

The Dunner Mutation is a Dominant trait. Originally produced by Kevin Dunn, the Dunner is now well established in the Bearded dragon industry. This mutation requires that only one parent needs to be a Dunner to produce more of them. The mutation affects the scale shape and uniformity of the scales, it also modifies certain parts of the anatomy. Scales are noted as going in different directions, most notable on the stomach or bottom side of the animal. The overall pattern of the lizard also varies from the standard bearded dragon pattern.

What happens when you cross two Dunners together? There can be more than one outcome. If the Dunner parent is a homozygous carrier of the dunner mutation, all hatchlings will be Dunner. If the Dunner is a heterozygous carrier of the mutation then more or less half of the clutch will be Dunner. Its very exciting to have a new morph available to the bearded dragon market.

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